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George Town EDT

George Town by Josh Lee

The Inspiration

The creation of George Town by Josh Lee is truly inspired by the listing of George Town in Penang by UNESCO as World Heritage Site on 7th July 2008 and is highly acclaimed as World's First Heritage City Fragrance .

It took two years for Josh Lee who grew up in Penang to do intensive research and concoct the ultimate fragrance formulation which best embodies the heritage of George Town through scent. (Click here to know more about the Story of George Town by Josh Lee)

The Smell

Classified as a citrus aromatic fragrance, this heritage perfume is uniquely created for both women and men. The natural scent ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure highest level of quality and give a powerful lasting impact on the scent. (Click here to know more about the scents and olfactory expressions)
The fragrance oil is produced by Firmenich who is a World's No. 1 Swiss Fragrance House. They have created and produced fragrance oils for many international premium brands such as Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Acqua di Gio by Armani, Flower byKenzo, etc.

The Packaging

The elegant wooden cap symbolizes the heritage houses of George Town with exotic wood-carving panels and wood elements on the staircase and floors. The refreshing greenish blue color fragrance in the art deco square bottle signifies the sea which surrounds the island of Penang.

Try now the World's First Heritage City Fragrance!

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